Digital Social Innovation Lab is a virtual space, which serves as supporting environment for creation, initiation, development and implementation of the innovative ideas, projects and undertakings to the market, for achievement social impact through social innovations.


DiSI Lab is a platform, which uses various Digital Technologies with the purpose mainly to:

  • share the knowledge and information,
  • create opportunities of collaboration of the companies, communities, and individuals and
  • development of their creative, digital, and social capacities while sharing and exchanging the knowledge, ideas expertise and experiences among each other and sharing values.

Blockchain/DLT technologies is one of the key enabling technologies, which enables transparent, democratic, decentralized and distributed functioning of the networks and ecosystems.

Who are we?

DiSI Lab was envisioned through an EU funded project SEED and it’s national partners with the support of national advisory board members (namely, Ministry of Economic development and Technology, Hashnet, Sončna zadruga, Center Noordung, Rotunda, Impact hub, Sklad 05,  Razvojna agencija Kozjansko, ŠENT and Ministry of Public administration).

It is now more broadly composed by four main groups of stakeholders:

  • businesses, including start-ups, conventional businesses and social economy enterprises
  • academia and institutions, including RDI institutions (public and private) and educational services
  • government – relevant ministries and agencies, institutions, founded by the state
  • civil society – communities and individuals, NGOs and other forms informal collaboration.


Digital SI Lab is more than a platform. We are currently on four physical locations, offering support and a wide network of experts. DiSI Lab is supported both from the government – Ministry of Economic Development and Technology as well as from the national partners from supporting environment and SME sector: Rotunda, Impact Hub Ljubljana, Hashnet, Center Noordung and others.

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