Digital Social Innovation Lab

A virtual (digital) space, which serves as supporting environment for creation, initiation, development and implementation of the socially innovative ideas and projects for public and private sector.

Become a Changemaker

A changemaker is someone who is taking creative action to solve a social problem, someone that provides a roadmap for making transformative difference.

This project has received financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) (2014-2020) and the European Social Fund under Grant Agreement VS/2021/0191. For further information please consult: and

Who we are

DiSI Lab was envisioned through an EU funded project SEED and it’s national partners with the support of national advisory board members (namely, Ministry of Economic development and Technology, Hashnet, Sončna zadruga, Center Noordung, Rotunda, Impact hub, Sklad 05, Razvojna agencija Kozjansko, ŠENT and Ministry of Public administration).

It is now more broadly composed by four main groups of stakeholders:

Our partners

To make this project possible and sustainable, we have built a wide network of actors that participate in building this ecosystem and supporting environment.


to share, exchange and disseminate information, knowledge, and common values; to create knowledge pool with the relevance of SIs, new technologies (including Blockchain/DLT, technologies, AI/ML, IoT, etc.); to enable access to the platform to different stakeholders, communities, groups or individuals and create an ethical codex; for horizontal legislator and regulation issues the government representatives shall be engaged; organization of events for stakeholders or offering the stakeholders the self-organization of events through the SI Lab

Impact Hub, Social Impact Award, SozialMarie Prize and other incubation programs and awards that are targeting social innovations specifically and are creating a supporting environment for changemakers.

to identify mentors – internal or external for standard or specific tasks: for standard tasks – preparation of business, marketing, financial plan in incubation phase at first stage; external advisor and consultancy can be arranged, for the following period the capacities shall be provided within the SI Lab; train the mentors under »train the trainers« programmes, provided by SI Lab.

to provide a virtual environment for collaboration; to develop a collaborative platform, preferably Blockchain/DLT based platform, for individuals, companies, communities, and society to enhance their visibility, proactive role in solving SI challenges and creating business opportunities.

listing the current funding opportunities; supporting with the applications, finding suitable partners.

to identify and engage relevant communities and target groups; to define activities and services to be provided to the identified stakeholders; to enable peer-to-peer communication in order to establish a non-intermediary, highly efficient and cost less business for its members and customers; to promote its members on the national level and abroad with their increased visibility through the platform; to create a database of members and define the conditions for inclusion of individuals, companies, and institutions into that database (Blockchain based register preferred), respecting GDPR provisions; to create a »secondary network« of potential investors (private and public companies, private and public institutional investors, etc.); continuous development of knowledge through networking and connecting individuals, start-ups, companies, and community providing events, such as workshops, academies, consultations, meet-ups, conferences; offering a space to stakeholders to organize events, workshops, talks.

Become a Changemaker

A changemaker is someone who is taking creative action to solve a social problem, someone that provides a roadmap for making transformative difference.

Our locations


Impact Hub Ljubljana is a community of social innovators, driven by the desire to change our world for the better.


Sredisce Rotunda Koper creates quality content for the sustainable development of society in the Obalno-Kraška region from the needs of the people and through cooperation in an innovative way.


Business support center Kranj is a regional development agency, with over 20 years of experience and acts as a supporting organisation for the public sector as well as for SMEs.


Center of space technologies Herman Potocnik Noordung - Center Noordung researches, collects, and communicates the knowledge of space and space technologies to the public in a way that sensibly connects and intertwines the science, economy, tourism and art.


We are offering many tools for changemakers to use in their effort to create a better world for us all. To support our community in developing their skills and innovations.


An AI personality designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration. It's role is to provide insights and connect stakeholders to build capacity for social innovation.


A blockchain based tool that enables content creators and facilitators to market their knowledge and to grant certificates.

Social Innovation Idea Factory

Online tool that guides you through an intuitive thinking process and creates a clear description of your idea for evaluators and funders.

Fund 2740

A not-for-profit foundation offers free services and support to the underserved, charities, and social economy organizations.

An Example of a Previous Project

A short description of your company’s role in the success of the project.


We bring you the latest news about the SI ecosystem in Slovenia, including event dates, training session updates, prize calls, incubation, and funding opportunities.